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Ignite Your Curiosity: Exploring the Rich Curriculum at Vasavi Public School


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At Vasavi, we believe in nurturing curious minds and instilling a lifelong love of learning. Our diverse curriculum fosters academic excellence, creativity, and critical thinking, empowering students to become well-rounded individuals ready to thrive in the future.

Subjects Offered

Pre-Primary (Nursery - PP2)

  • Literacy & Numeracy skills
  • General Awareness & Conversation Skill
  • Play-based learning environment
  • Second Language: Hindi or Telugu

Middle School (Classes VI-VIII)

  • Strong foundation in English & Mathematics
  • Engaging Environmental Science & Social Science
  • Continued second language learning: Hindi or Telugu

Primary (Classes I-V)

  • Deeper dive into English, Math, Science & Social Science
  • Introduction to Coding
  • Choice of third language: Hindi, Telugu, or Sanskrit

Secondary School (Classes IX-X)

  • Focus on core subjects: English, Math, Science & Social Science
  • Advanced Artificial Intelligence exploration
  • Second language development: Hindi, Telugu, or Sanskrit


Continuous Assessment

We continuously assess students’ progress through various methods, ensuring personalized learning and support.

Progressive Evaluation

Grades in Pre-Primary are based on overall performance through continuous evaluation and periodic assessments.

Student Performance is Data Driven

Clear Benchmarks

In Classes I-V, promotion is based on overall performance throughout the year.

Focused Evaluation

Classes VI-X require a minimum of 40% in each subject for promotion, ensuring mastery of key concepts.