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Nurturing The Seeds Of Excellence Since 1981

Vasavi Academy Of Education

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Driven by a vision of accessible, high-quality education, Vasavi Academy of Education was established in 1981 by a group of prominent individuals, led by the esteemed social worker and administrator, Sri Pendekanti Venkatasubbaiah. His dedication to providing equitable opportunities for professional education continues to guide our mission at Vasavi.

Today, Vasavi Academy of Education is a thriving ecosystem of diverse educational institutions, each catering to different needs and aspirations. We proudly sponsor

Vasavi College of Engineering (1981)

A pioneer in technical education, offering exceptional programs and shaping future engineers.

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Vasavi Public School (1983)

Where academic excellence meets a nurturing environment, fostering well-rounded individuals ready to serve the world.

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Vasavi Polytechnic (1985)

Bringing vocational training closer to rural communities, empowering individuals with practical skills.

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Pendekanti Law College (1990)

Upholding the principles of justice and preparing future legal minds to contribute meaningfully to society.

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Pendekanti Institute of Management (1996)

Nurturing business leaders who combine entrepreneurial spirit with ethical values.

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Vasavi College of Music & Dance (1996)

Preserving and promoting the rich tapestry of Indian art forms, inspiring creativity and cultural expression.

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At Vasavi, we believe that education is not just about acquiring knowledge, but about nurturing potential, igniting curiosity, and fostering a sense of responsibility. Our dedicated faculty, supportive staff, and strong community provide students with the tools and environment they need to thrive, both academically and personally.

Guided by Wisdom and Experience

Vasavi Academy of Education’s commitment to excellence is further strengthened by the esteemed individuals who lead its Managing Committee

Sri P. Ramamohan Rao


A seasoned industrialist and staunch advocate for educational initiatives.

Sri V.M. Parthasarathi


A meticulous finance professional, his expertise ensures financial stability and growth.

Prof. Dr. V. Srinivasulu


A veteran academic with profound experience in engineering education, bringing unparalleled depth to the committee.

Smt. Jaishree Rao

Member Ex-Officio (Academic Director, Vasavi Public School)

BA dedicated educator, nurturing future generations with passion and wisdom

Sri M. Krishna Murthy


A skilled administrator, passionate about ensuring quality education for all.

Garlapati Srinivas Reddy


As the Principal of our esteemed institution, I am pleased to share our vision for education in the present day

This dedicated team, along with our exceptional faculty and staff, provides the foundation for Vasavi’s success and ensures that our mission of providing quality education for all continues to flourish.

Whether you’re seeking a rigorous engineering program, a nurturing school environment, or a chance to explore your artistic side, Vasavi Academy of Education has an institution that can help you achieve your goals. Join us on this journey of learning and growth, and discover the seeds of excellence waiting to blossom within you.