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Unleash Your Potential: Explore Beyond Textbooks at Vasavi Public School


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At Vasavi, we believe in experiential learning that goes beyond memorization and brings real-world relevance to your education. Discover our immersive spaces and innovative tools designed to spark curiosity, ignite passion, and equip you with valuable skills for the future :

Science Lab

Unlock the fascinating world of science through hands-on experiments in our well-equipped lab. Watch abstract concepts come alive and deepen your understanding like never before.

Mathematics Lab

Conquer math anxiety and transform learning into a joyful experience. Our dedicated Math Lab provides innovative tools and activities to make numbers your friend, just like Shakuntala Devi envisioned.

English Language Lab

Master the nuances of English in our dedicated language lab. Immerse yourself in audio and audio-visual materials through headsets, perfecting your pronunciation and communication skills.

Computer Lab

Become a tech wiz! From basic computer skills to exploring coding and linking different subjects through technology, our comprehensive curriculum prepares you for the digital world.

Robotics Lab

Get creative and unleash your engineering potential! Build robots, tackle programming challenges, and learn valuable problem-solving skills in our dynamic Robotics Lab.

3D Lab

Step into the future with our revolutionary 3D Lab. Experience interactive virtual reality, enriching your understanding of complex concepts in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics in a fun and engaging way.


Discover a world of knowledge within our library’s treasure trove of over 7,500 books. Expand your horizons with diverse reading materials, from fiction and biographies to reference books and encyclopedias.

Interactive e-Boards

Say goodbye to monotonous lectures! Our classrooms are equipped with high-end digital boards that promote active learning. Immerse yourself in multimedia lessons, engage with your peers, and solidify your understanding through interactive activities.

Beyond the Labs

Fire Safety

Be prepared for any situation with regular fire drills and expert guidance from your teachers.

Student Counsellor

Feeling overwhelmed? Our dedicated counsellor is always available to lend a listening ear and offer support, helping you navigate challenges and embrace well-being.

Sports Facilities

Develop teamwork, leadership, and a healthy lifestyle through various sports activities offered in our dedicated facilities.