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Girish Modigandha

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Hello everybody, a huge congratulations to Vasavi Public School for their 40th anniversary. My name is Girish Modigandha, 2003 batch , currently working as a product leader in one of the technology companies in Detroit. It’s been almost 20 years since I graduated from the school, but I still have a lot of memories fresh in my mind. I actually made friends for life whom I remember for being part of the cabinet. We had to actually do a march past and had a lot of fun rehearsing it . I really hope the traditions still continues. If not, at least something similar, and I also remember all my teachers being very involved in each of these activities, including the annual day, competitions, science fairs, interschool competitions, and even the fun excursions that we had during the holidays.

This really helped me in overall development and gain experience. So, I wanna thank all the teachers from the bottom of my heart for that. I really hope you all have fun and great events. Thank you.