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Swarali Pundu

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Life of a Teenager

The life of a teenager is as complicated as a tangled necklace. Society is the reason behind most of our troubles. We’re now more worried about what people might think of us than about what we think of ourselves. We’ve made technology a very important aspect of our life, more than necessary. To an extent, if there is no internet for a day, we wouldn’t be able to survive. We’ve created a small life in our phones.

The way we live is more difficult than it appears. Isn’t teenage a stage of life where we learn that not all people you meet in life are meant to stay forever? Life’s cruel at times. We lose the people we once wished would stay forever. But the day we realize that this is simply how life works, is the day we realize that life has its own ways of teaching things. People leave, as not all are meant to stay forever. But then, why it is still difficult for us to comprehend that life isn’t always sweet. Life is sour and bitter. Life doesn’t merely teach us how to stay strong in fact it also teaches us the importance of grievance and moving on.

We’ve learnt to hide our emotions, we’ve learnt to hide our truths, we’ve learnt to hide our feelings, but who’s taught this to us? Was there any person in anyone’s life who had suggested we do this? No. Then, how did we learn this? Why did we learn this? Is it a way of coping? No. How can it be? People are now more insecure than confident. And who’s to blame? Nobody but us. Not the society. Sure, people talk, but that shouldn’t stop you from anything. Life is meant to have challenges. It is the way you deal with them, that matters.