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How to Deal With Peer Pressure

The word “peer” means people around you who are about your age and have similar interest and experiences (or) someone at your own level. We would not consider all our peers to be friends but they can still influence us. Peer pressure refers to the strong influence from members of one’s peer group. Everyone irrespective of age face the pressure to fit in. There are two kinds of peer pressures, positive peer pressure and negative peer pressure. When peer pressure is positive it propels us to be our best version. For instance, students are often forced to participate in group activities which help in socializing, such things always have a positive impact.

On the other hand negative peer pressure can have far reaching consequences and can affect a student’s life in many ways. It is when someone makes you feel you have to do something to be accepted. One such example is bullying, when a student gets bullied by a group then the victim can face severe mental and emotional distress leading to low self esteem, anxiety and depression it can also affect their studies

Nowadays few risky things like driving at high speed is considered to be cool and people do those acts to stay cool in front of their peers. In life of a student a teacher plays a vital role in helping the students navigate the complexity of peer pressure. They help students in differentiating and understanding positive and negative peer pressure. They will help students how to deal with it by developing a strong sense of self worth so that they are less likely to give into negative peer pressure. Teachers give lessons, resilience and create a protective environment which boosts the confidence of students. There is a need to embody few strategies which can help in dealing and handling negative peer pressure. Realize self worth and stop comparing yourself with others.

Pay attention to what you are feeling, even if most of the people around you are comfortable with something doesn’t mean that it is suitable for you too. It should be okay to say ‘NO’. There is nothing inappropriate in opposing something because after all you are the one who is going to take the decision. Surround yourself with people having similar values and beliefs so that you will be more understandable. Talk to the person who is pressurizing. Let he (or) she know how you feel about it and tell them to stop.

Set boundaries even if it creates guilt when dealing with people possessing toxic behavior. Always take guidance of parents, teachers and school counselor. Utmost of all you need to remember that not everyone will like you so never force yourself to please and impress people. Peer pressure has both positive and negative aspects and impacts. It is about how you are perceiving and dealing with it.