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Charan Jeet Kour Suri

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Currently, my younger daughter, Diya Suri, is in the VIII class at VPS. Her enthusiasm for learning has only grown since she joined the school. The dynamic and interactive teaching methods employed by the teachers have made the learning experience enjoyable for Diya. As a parent, I appreciate the school’s commitment to foster a love for learning among its students. The school’s emphasis on character building, which is evident in Diya’s demeanor. The moral values and ethics instilled in Vasavi contributed to shaping responsible and compassionate individuals.

Vasavi actively encourages parent involvement, making us feel like integral partners in our child’s education. Regular parent-teacher interactions keep us well- informed about our child’s progress, and the school’s open-door policy fosters transparent communication. I’m grateful for the school’s unwavering commitment to educational excellence and holistic development.